We want machines that learn the way humans do.

Our mission is to build human-like general intelligence and make it safely accessible in order to foster a more abundant, equitable, and unconstrained society.

We take a first-principles approach, starting from simple self-supervised architectures and evolving them to tackle human developmental milestones of increasing complexity.

VICReg: Tutorial and Lightweight PyTorch Implementation
A PyTorch Implementation of SIMONe
Jupyter Ascending: Sync Notebooks To Your Editor
A PyTorch Implementation of Slot Attention
Josh Albrecht: A New AI Research Lab
Understanding Self-Supervised and Contrastive Learning with "Bootstrap Your Own Latent" (BYOL)

Work With Us!

We believe human-like artificial general intelligence can enable a society of greater abundance and opportunity by reducing bottlenecks to progress, expanding each person's potential, and giving insight into the human mind.

If you're a fearless explorer interested in a principled approach to building safe and benevolent artificial general intelligence, come work with us!

Our Values

Think Good

Think good means earnestly—with extraordinary curiosity and without ego—trying to understand what is actually true. For example: clarifying when a concept feels fuzzy, interrogating assumptions, steelmanning counterarguments, and digging into inconsistencies.

Be Kind

Be kind means starting from a place of psychological safety—having our teammates' best interests at heart while trusting that they have ours—and embracing radical candor. Being kind not only brings us closer to each other but also embodies our philosophy for how AGI can positively impact all of humanity.

Have Fun

Having fun is a critical part of great work; it stimulates creativity and resets stress. We devote every Friday afternoon to hanging out together in SF, doing everything from playing D&D and trying new coffee shops to building funny robots.

Grow Together

Growth is like compound interest: where you end up depends much more on your rate than on your starting point! Grow together takes this seriously. We have a weekly paper club and we read textbooks as a group. In addition to learning together, we each take the initiative to identify areas for personal growth and support each other's growth goals.

open positions
Machine Learning Engineer (Remote)
As a remote machine learning engineer, you’ll work very closely with a senior member of our research team on cutting-edge deep learning research, infrastructure, and tooling towards the goal of creating general human-like machine intelligence.
Machine Learning Research Engineer (San Francisco)
In this role you’ll work with our researchers to do cutting-edge deep learning research—conducting experiments, creating infrastructure, and developing tooling & visualizations—with the goal of developing more human-like machine intelligence.
Research Scientist (San Francisco)
This role is about investigating the fundamental questions of intelligence, knowledge and understanding in order to develop software with human level intelligence. You will collaborate internally and externally with other researchers, and be supported by a team of research engineers.
Systems Engineer
As a systems engineer, you’ll work on pioneering machine learning infrastructure that enables running large numbers of experiments in parallel across local and cloud GPUs, extremely fast training, and guarantees that we can trust experiment results. This allows us to do actual science to understand, from first principles, how to build human-like artificial general intelligence.

Our Team

Kanjun Qiu
Josh Albrecht
Abe Fetterman
Lead Research Scientist
Ellie Kitanidis
Chief of Staff, AI Research
Bartosz Wróblewski
Machine Learning Research Engineer
Bryden Fogelman
Machine Learning Research Engineer