About us

Generally Intelligent is an AI research company. We help machines learn to understand the world the way humans do. Our mission is to build human-like general machine intelligence and make it safely accessible in order to foster a more abundant, equitable, and creative human society.

We take a first-principles approach to understanding the fundamentals of learning, starting with simple self-supervised networks solving early evolutionary problems, and increasing complexity incrementally.

By “human-like”, we refer to a system that can learn to solve similar problems to humans when trained on a similar amount & type of data to what humans need. We set this constraint because—by definition—an intelligent system that requires drastically more or different data would fail to do what humans can do today when there isn’t enough of the right data.

We have enough funding to last a very long time, supported by investors that include Y Combinator, researchers from OpenAI, Threshold Ventures (formerly DFJ), and a number of high profile individuals.

We’re hiring! If you’re excited about the prospect of working directly on safe human-level intelligence, take a look at our jobs page and drop us a note at jobs@generallyintelligent.ai.

Our team

Kanjun Qiu

CEO | Website | Twitter | LinkedIn

Josh Albrecht

CTO | Github | Website | Twitter

Abe Fetterman

Lead Research Scientist | Github | LinkedIn

Ali Rohde

Chief of Staff | Twitter | LinkedIn

Bryden Fogelman

Machine Learning Researcher | Github | Website | Twitter | LinkedIn